PetDine Offers Private Label Natural Pet Nutrition Products with Launch of BarkDine

For immediate release: April 7, 2020
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PetDine Offers Private Label Natural Pet Nutrition Products with Launch of BarkDine

Fort Collins, CO – – – PetDine, LLC – a leading private label manufacturer of functional pet products – this week announced the launch of BarkDine. The new venture will provide private labeling of natural body chews with all sourcing and production in the U.S. This new push comes in response to growing demand from consumers.

“Millions of pet owners consider natural animal chews to be an essential part of their pets’ daily life as they are great for chewers and anxious dogs. We produce the highest quality rawhide-free products repurposing meat products directly from meat-packing plants here in the U.S. And we do it using chemical-free processes,” said Preston Munsch, CEO, PetDine.

As part of its commitment to this segment of the industry, PetDine has supported the buildout of a brand new multi-million-dollar production facility. The new facility, located in Loveland, CO, went live in February.

“This new facility takes BarkDine’s capabilities to a new level. Not only does it dramatically increase our output but it allows us to support our private label clients in the development of their own lines of branded all-natural animal chews,” he added.

BarkDine’s products are one hundred percent American sourced, including American beef, American bison, and American sheep. According to Munsch, natural animal chews have been shown to:

  • Provide whole-food nutrition via natural protein, fat and fiber
  • Stimulate jaw muscles to promote blood flow to the brain and create a calming effect
  • Keep dogs engaged through different textures, shapes and sizes
  • Supplement dogs’ regular diets
  • Promote the bond between owner and pet

“Everything we do is for the health of pets and to support the success of our private label clients,” said Munsch. “With BarkDine, we are continuing our best practices in collaborating with companies to strategize the best ways to achieve their business goals, address shifting needs and help develop all-natural products that stand out.”

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PetDine is a private-label manufacturer that helps entrepreneurs capitalize on opportunities through the development of custom functional pet products. From sourcing the finest ingredients to utilizing the highest quality standards, the company focuses on keeping pets happy and healthy. Its private-label pet products span soft chews, liquids, powders, and natural animal chews. PetDine works with clients to customize products while meeting their requirements for price, positioning and safety. For more information about PetDine, go to

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