Introducing Dr. Mike Jarosz, Director of Nutrition

PetDine is excited to introduce Dr. Mike Jarosz, PetDine’s new Director of Nutrition. Get to know him and how he will take your custom pet chews to the next level!

Dr. Jarosz grew up on a row crop farming and cattle operation in Nebraska. Being surrounded by animals and having an interest in nutrition, Dr. Jarosz attended the University of Nebraska Lincoln for his Bachelor of Science degree in Animal Science. From there he continued his education at Colorado State University completing both a Master’s and a Ph.D. degree in Ruminant Nutrition and has since been working as nutritional support for a variety of companies in the feed industry.

What is your role at PetDine?
Dr. Jarosz: “As the Director of Nutrition, I work with clients to help formulate and develop new products and test the manufacturing aspects to make sure the products will attain the desired result. I also help with label development to better communicate the nutrition value of the products our clients create. In addition, I address any nutrition questions that a client may have.”

What are you most excited about in this new role?
Dr. Jarosz: “I’m excited for the chance to help establish and implement an improved formulation system, use the system as a tool to support the nutritional needs of pets, and put all that together to work with the rest of the team to develop new products and help improve existing products for our clients.”

How can you help PetDine clients?
Dr. Jarosz: “Product formulation has been a key part of my experience in the feed industry. My background using formulation to balance products and help develop new products will be beneficial to our clients. I also enjoy developing formulas on paper and then taking them to the next step to try them at the bench-top level continuing to scale them up to a final go to market product. Finally, having the nutrition training to help understand what nutrients and nutrient levels to focus on will help support the overall nutrition of pets.”

How will your experience in the feed industry translate to the pet chew industry?
Dr. Jarosz: “My background in nutrition, although working with a different type of animal, the basics still apply. My experience balancing diets, developing products, testing, troubleshooting, etc. will apply to all pets. I certainly understand I will have differences between species to learn. Finally, working within the liquid feed industry most recently, it is important to understand what ingredients can or can’t be mixed, what reactions might occur, etc., so I anticipate a similar approach to products will apply to chews as well.”


“We are thrilled to have Dr. Jarosz on the team”, says Amanda Decker, National Sales Manager. “Bringing a Ph.D. nutritionist on staff elevates our commitment as industry consultants to an entirely new level. We are excited to further elevate our partners with his finite understandings of nutrition and how an animal’s wellness can be improved through supplementation.”

Interested in working with Dr. Jarosz? Call us today, 833-3-PetDine to get started formulating your soft chew or liquid pet food topper products or visit us here.