Why You Must Have Probiotics in a Dog Chew

Today, more than ever, cleanliness is at the top of everyone’s priorities. But can we go too far? Have our efforts to rid our bodies and our pet’s bodies also left the goal wide open and undefended? I am not telling you to stop washing your hands…seriously, wash your hands! But we need to make […]

How Are Pet Supplements Manufactured?

For the love of pets “Anthropomorphism is how we humanize our pets, giving them names, recognizing their individual personalities, celebrating their birthdays, and dressing them in outlandish costumes.” 

How to Prevent Moldy Pet Chews

You wouldn’t want your customers to find a moldy pet chew, would you? One way to ensure a fresh, healthy pet chew is to test for water activity. Let’s go behind the science and figure out how to prevent moldy pet chews!