Pet Business Start-Up: Tips From A Pet Industry Veteran

Pet Business Start-UpSo, you hear stories about the pet industry about how it is recession-proof and how annual sales soar into the high billions year after year. And you ask yourself, should I stay on the sidelines and watch, or is this something for me? But where do you start, and what type of pet product(s) do you start with? 

Here are a few tips for those of you looking to step foot into the pet industry for the first time, third time, or want to think a little bit outside of the box and build something truly unique.

Find your target market
Scouring e-commerce listings, on Amazon, Chewy, or any number of online retailers will deliver a dizzying number of products. Unfortunately, you are not the only one scouring the interwebs for that perfect niche launching point.

My suggestion? Stick to treats, chews, and liquid food topper products.

Why? Customers are searching for these products, and they are a reasonably cost-effective entry into the pet industry. Pet owners across the world will always need treats, chews, and liquid food toppers. I firmly believe pet soft chews and liquid food toppers have huge market capabilities.

Do not be afraid.
The pet industry has become a copycat world, with a majority of new launches mimicking successful, innovative product leaders. Do not be afraid to go out on a limb, be creative, and make a game-changing product! New pet products are always well received and also much appreciated when pet consumers are searching the web. For instance, go search “Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil”, it has hundreds of listings on each of the major sites! The question is: do you want to be one of many OR would you prefer to take a chance with a unique pet product and develop a channel of your own? 

Be smart.
Everyone in the pet business will advise you to include baseline ingredients in your private-label products that pet owners frequently target when searching the web for pet products: Glucosamine, Chondroitin, CBD, Bone Broth, Multi-Vitamin, etc. Using sought after ingredients will improve the probability for consumers to land on your listing. Your website and brand will prove to them that their pet will benefit from a healthy, tasty treat, or liquid supplement. 

Get creative.
Creativity built CBD soft chews for high-anxiety dogs. You don’t need to create something brand new or never before seen. Think about it, some of the most creative and innovative products were merely product improvements. The coffee mug didn’t always have a handle! Is your mind blown? Improving a current product is oftentimes the most creative thing a business can do. 

Pet business Start-upGet it right the first time.
If your product makes its way to the doorstep of your new customer, you have two chances to give a great first impression: the pet-owner and the pet. If either turns their nose up to the product at the first smell, your product could be destined for a return label. Second chances in life are rare, and even less common in pet products, there are just too many other choices to move on to.

Do your research, find a contract manufacturer that will partner with you in the development of your ideas, not just fill your packaging with someone else’s ideas. If you are ready to launch a unique private-label pet product and become a market leader call us today, 833-2-PetDine, or tell us about your project here.