Why You Must Have Probiotics in a Dog Chew

Canine ProbioticsToday, more than ever, cleanliness is at the top of everyone’s priorities. But can we go too far? Have our efforts to rid our bodies and our pet’s bodies also left the goal wide open and undefended? I am not telling you to stop washing your hands…seriously, wash your hands! But we need to make sure to look at the big picture: canine probiotics are essential in your dog’s diet.

Research has shown that babies with pets in the house are considerably less likely to develop allergies than those without pets in the home. This is due to a broader exposure of microbes contributing to a more extensive, thus stronger, microbiome in the children. The same holds true for our dogs. Dogs who have had supplemental probiotics, both yeast and bacterial, have shown to improve symptoms and minimize allergies on a broader scale.

Immune strength

Much like our own, a dog’s microbiome lines the parts of the body that interact with the outside world. These are areas like our skin, lungs, and most importantly, our gut. Our microbiome is primarily made up of a blend of good and bad bacteria, but also yeast, fungus, and viruses. A balanced microbiome contributes countless amounts of support in all avenues of health like vitamin production, brain health, weight management, and immune strength.

The city center of our dog’s microbiome is in the gut: approximately 70% of a dog’s immune cells are in the gut. Focusing on balancing the microbiome in the gut will allow us to effectively boost our dog’s immune system.

Probiotics directly tied to immunity

Probiotics are linked to a boosted immune system for several reasons But there are two main reasons why you should start incorporating canine probiotics into their diet.

Good bacteria can effectively out-compete bad bacteria in the gut.

  • Common types of pathogenic bacteria are Salmonella, Streptococcus, Bordetella, and E Coli. These pathogens can infect and upset an entire digestive system and open the door to gastrointestinal disease. Supplementing to ensure a strong balance of good bacteria and yeasts can limit the spread and infection rate of these pathogens.

Probiotic bacteria excrete enzymes, peptides, organic acids, and hydrogen peroxide that are gaining more support as the true contributors to probiotic yeast and bacterial support in the immune response.

  • These metabolic by-products of probiotics aid in the breakdown of fibers that result in short-chain fats that perform metabolic functions that stimulate your dog’s immune system, and product walls of your pet’s gut. Hydrogen peroxide, specifically, is beneficial in protecting against Salmonella and other pathogens.

ProbioticsSelecting a supplement

Navigating the probiotics market is tough. There are a tremendous amount of options out on the market and a wide range of options. Sticking to a few guidelines will help you make sure to get something that will benefit your pet.

  1. Type: Be sure to select a powder or cold extruded soft chew. These types of products have gone through minimal temperature ranges in production, so live bacteria are most likely to have survived long enough to find their new home in your dog’s tummy!
  2. Strains: Select products with multiple strains. Every dog’s microbiome is different and it is tough to see what strain will best benefit your dog. It is best to follow a full umbrella policy so you increase the chances of targeting the most needed areas of your dog’s digestive tract. Make sure to select products with strains that have canine-specific research linked to them. Finally, chose one supported by a prebiotic.

Big picture: a dog’s health is complex. With every system and reaction linked to how the rest of the body is performing, a focus on a dog’s microbiome is imperative. The microbiome is the first defense for their immune system fighting off bacteria and other pathogens as best as it can and supporting the immune systems ability to fight even more disease, viruses, and potential illnesses. Supplementing probiotics is a strong insurance plan for boosting an immune system and getting a defense built up in a world of wiping the slate clean.

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