PetDine Announces $25M Manufacturing Plant Expansion in Windsor, CO

For immediate release: August 6, 2021
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Justin Boling, Director of Marketing, [email protected] or 970.692.6134

PetDine Announces $25M Manufacturing Plant Expansion in Windsor, CO

105,000 Square Foot Plant Brings Nearly 40 New Jobs to Northern Colorado

FORT COLLINS, CO (August 6, 2021) — As the largest contract manufacturer of private-label pet supplements, PetDine has announced the expansion of a 105,000 square foot manufacturing plant in Windsor, CO. The new $25 million expansion will triple PetDine’s cold extrusion soft chew output, expand its liquid line capabilities, provide a standalone powder and sachet line and bring up to 40 new jobs to Northern Colorado.

Windsor is located between the mountains and the plains and is centrally located between Fort Collins, Greeley, and Loveland. As an addition to PetDine’s headquarters and plant facilities in Fort Collins, CO, and an expansive, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Harvard, IL, the Windsor facility provides timely increased growth opportunities in the contract manufacturing industry.

“From sourcing the finest ingredients to exploring new opportunities in the pet supplement and pet treat space, we do everything possible to maintain leadership in the fast-paced pet supplement industry,” said Preston Munsch, PetDine CEO. “Our growth is centered on helping clients capitalize on opportunities quickly and cost-effectively, while maintaining unparalleled product quality and ensuring true client product differentiation.”

Under the guidance of Jay Sokolowski, PetDine Senior Operations Manager, the Windsor facility will utilize the company’s access to more than 300 high-quality ingredients to increase output of pet product formulations unique to each client. Unlike most pet product manufacturers, PetDine’s distinctive production process uses no water, which can produce mold, and no heat, which can change the integrity, viability, and structure of the product or chew. Health and safety are top priorities, so products are manufactured without such ingredients as corn, wheat, sugars, salts, artificial colors, and gumming agents.

“PetDine’s tagline is simply ‘Made Better,’ whether that is functional liquid pet food toppers, soft chews or pet supplement powders,” said Jay Sokolowski, PetDine Senior Operations Manager. “Everything we do is for the health and benefit of pets and making it possible for our clients to provide the best products for those pets. It is exciting to be a part of a company that is rapidly growing and expanding to continually be at the forefront of the pet food industry.”

For more information on PetDine’s Windsor facility plant expansion, contact Justin Boling at 970.692.6134 or [email protected]. Additional information about PetDine can be found at

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